Save the Date!

Its February in Hickman County TN and that means small farms from Coble to Duck River are gearing up for this year’s planting season. That’s right we’re starting heirloom tomato seeds in our greenhouses (or in my case the windowsill), preparing the fields and dreaming of longer, warmer days. Calves, kids and lambs are hitting the ground in barns and pastures all across the county which means fresh milk and if we’re lucky a bit of cheese too.

We make soap on Tottys Bend Farm, from goat’s milk, and while the Christmas rush has come and gone, we’re winding up for our busiest summer yet. And we’re not the only ones. Just ask Antonia over at Wild Duck Soup or Korie at Centerville Marketplace. Their shops are host to some of the county’s best locally grown foods and showcase the ever growing group of artists in our small community. Last night’s Mardi Gras celebration at “The Soup” is a prime example that Hickman County has more to offer than ever before! From our very own theatre group and play write, to local musicians, farmers, chefs, artists and craftsmen, one thing all of us have in common is the scenic country back roads that connect our humble workshops to the hills, creeks and pastures of Hickman County.

Would you like to explore country back roads and take a peek behind the scenes of Hickman County’s artisan community? If so, please join us Memorial Day weekend as we open our farms and studios for the first annual Hickman County Arts and Ag Tour. From now ‘til then, you can like us on facebook and check our blog to get the scoop on how this two day event is shaping up. Get to know the artists and farmers who will be participating, learn a bit of Hickman County’s history and much more as we include you in the journey toward our opening day, Friday May 25 2012.


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