EcoAg Night at The Soup

Nicole Lewis, owner of Fondue Vintage, designed this fabulous flyer for the March 12th EcoAg evening. All of us at  Hickman County Arts and Ag Tour are looking forward to  EcoAg night as a way to network and share our adventures in farming! EcoAg is the brain child of Antonia Meadors, owner of Wild Duck Soup Emporium. Read more about Nicole’s and Antonia’s Hickman County based businesses, both of which will be included in the May 25-26th Arts and Ag Tour, on our Artist/Farmer Profiles page.

Here’s what Nicole has to say about the EcoAg evening: “I am really looking forward to this event. Would love to buy HEALTHY and LOCAL food – one of our goals for too long now and not wanting to drive to Nashville or Franklin to get it! SO can’t wait to learn more about Hickman County’s treasures. It’s time to get green, lean, and local!



2 thoughts on “EcoAg Night at The Soup

  1. I can’t wait for this event. My husband Nate Davis will be talking about Tottys Bend Farm and what we do…but I want to hear about the other farms. So much of farming is taught by word of mouth and nothing beats an opportunity like this to connect with the heart and soul of our local food system.

  2. What a fantastic evening and group of people gathered at Wild Duck Soup for what I’m sure was Centerville’s very first EcoAg and certainly not the last. The information was presented in a friendly and professional way that was warm, inviting and inspiring. It makes me even more proud to be a citizen of Hickman County to know of the wonderful farmers who live here and who are willing to provide excellent and healthy food and products for their families and community.

    Food is a necessity and it’s so fun to enjoy the many delicious flavors of nature’s bounty from which there is to choose. As we are all connected in nature – it is important for the sake of humanity, for all living creatures including the honeybees, and the entire eco-stytem, for us to pay attention to what we put into our bodies. When you know that the food you are eating comes fresh from the fields of a local farm – not a factory where it is processed through conveyor belts, stainless steel vats and spouts…food that was purchased in your hometown and supports the livelihood of your neighbor and their family – not shipped on a truck from California, Mexico or who-knows-where….and, when you know those vegetables you are eating, as you try to get more healthy, are not drenched in cancer-causing, earth-killing pesticides and preservatives…the food you choose to eat everyday becomes a very important choice for everyone, everywhere.

    It was equally enjoyable to learn about other products made from local farms such as the goat milk soaps and beauty products – demonstrating that you should pay attention to what you put on the outside of your body as well – since manufacturing has added so many harsh chemicals and unnatural ingredients to the things we use every day. Convenience and immediacy have become an integral part of our fast-paced, self-gratifiying culture. As, one of the farmers at EcoAg mentioned, “Nature takes time.” Let US take a little time to stop and think…about the choices we make as consumers and remember that we are humans first – humans connected with all of God’s beautiful creation. Our choices are our voices – make them as wisely as possible and make them matter.

    Thank you, Antonia for creating and sponsoring such a wonderful event and making education about something so important so fun.

    Nicole Lewis

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