Tottys Bend Welcomes the Arts & Ag Tour

Most of the river bends along Duck River in Hickman County were named for the pioneer settlers in the area. This is true of the area known as Totty’s Bend which was named for Robert Totty. Totty, who was born in Virginia, settled in Hickman County in 1810. Totty and his wife, Sandal Andrews Totty, brought four sons and two daughters with them. Two of their sons, Matthew and William, served in the War of 1812. After the war they received a land grant in Totty’s Bend. They both died in 1815 and their farm was inherited by their brother Robert Totty, Jr.

Tottys Bend Road curves and bends over nine miles from Hwy 50 to Hwy 230 where it ends in Little Lot. There are numerous family farms and historic sites along this beautiful, rugged stretch just a few miles outside the Centerville City limits.  Here you’ll see Fielder’s Branch, a small stream that winds its way along much of the roadside. This area, like most of Hickman County, is blessed with an abundance of wildlife. If you take your time, you’re likely to see king fishers, blue herons, wild turkeys, hawks, owls, turtles and probably an armadillo or two. Last year I saw a pair of bald eagles on the banks of Fielder’s Branch.

The first Arts and Ag Tour stop on Tottys Bend Rd if you come from Hwy 50 is Tottys Bend Farm & Dairy. Owners Nate and Vanessa Davis will be welcoming you to take a tour of their tiny homestead where they raise ADGA registered Nubian dairy goats, rabbits, chickens and cultivate a small potager garden. Free backyard farming information will be available along with child friendly games and activities.

Nicole Lewis, designer and owner of Fondue Vintage Homewares will be the featured artist at Tottys Bend Farm & Dairy. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Nicole and find out how she uses vintage wallpaper to create fashionable home décor. She will have wallpapered switch plate covers and other upcycled, handmade items for sale.

Duck River Rose is the second stop along Tottys Bend Rd as you travel from the Davis’ toward Hwy 230. Larry and Connie Baird grow over 400 varieties of roses on their property overlooking the river. They invite you to tour their gardens and learn about rose cultivation.

The next stop is the historic Tottys Bend Community Center. This small building once served as the local schoolhouse and is currently used to host regularly scheduled community potlucks and other special events. Stop in for some refreshments, purchase a community cookbook and take a peek at the many historic photographs on display.

Further down Tottys Bend you will pass cattle farms and several homes before coming to the river where the road makes a hairpin turn, winds up the bluff and levels out in the community of Little Lot. From here you can make a left onto Hwy 230 and head over to Little Lot Lavender Farm, another destination on the Arts & Ag Tour. Meet John and Christy Porch and tour their beautiful property where they grow several varieties of lavender and are in the process of restoring on old log cabin.

Words of advice when traveling Tottys Bend Road, drive slowly, roll down your windows and enjoy the scenery. We’re glad to have you!


3 thoughts on “Tottys Bend Welcomes the Arts & Ag Tour

    • Thanks for your reply. The Tour is going to be fantastic! And yes, a map will be uploaded to this site very soon. A printed souvenir map will be for sale at Wild Duck Soup Emporium as well. Please stay tuned for more details.

  1. Great background history. The hilly terrain of Hickman County certainly creates a lot of “bends” in the roads and rivers. I’ve seen a bald eagle in the Grinder’s Switch area, too. This is such a beautiful place to live.

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