Beauty Meets Function at Cedar Designed Rustics

Cedar Designed Rustics

One thing that gets us excited at Arts & Ag is the trend towards crafters creating items that are both attractive and functional. Cedar Designed Rustics (CDR for short) is a perfect example of how one craftsman hand makes beautiful items that serve an immensely important purpose: Providing new, safe avian habitats.

“As more bird habitats become threatened through human development and changes in the environment, attracting backyard birds provides a critical oasis for the conservation of both local species and migrating birds,” explains CDR owner Mark Luplow.

CDR birdhouses are constructed of western red cedar. They are naturally weather and insect resistant and do not contain any chemicals as do boxes constructed of some siding and pressure treated lumber. If painted, CDR uses only non-toxic paint to the exterior of the box and does not use colors that attract predators.

Each nesting box is designed with proper:

  • Opening for cleaning
  • Floor to entrance height
  • Entrance diameter (for most species in middle Tennessee)
  • Ventilation and insulation
  • Drainage
  • Habitat size
  • Predator blocks

“We design our birdhouses to meet the requirements of most nesting birds in middle Tennessee,” Mark says, “We incorporate features to assure a safe nesting habitat for our feathered friends.”

You can stop by CDR’s booth at the Arts & Ag Harvest Market where you’ll find Mark’s beautifully functional birdhouses, along with his other cedar designs including shutters, planters and window boxes. These items make great gift ideas for your favorite outdoor enthusiast!


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