Find your True Self at the Harvest Market

Dotti Feinstein, owner of True Self Studio, designs and creates one of a kind jewelry pieces from copper, brass and stainless steel.  All her items are handmade using metalsmith techniques such as forging, hand hammering, stamping, foldforming, soldering and riveting. “I am happy to say that I have found my True Self (hence the business name) in the metalsmithing jewelry pieces that I make,” Dotti says of her work, ” All my jewelry is one of a kind because I let the metal tell me what it wants to be.”

Each piece of Dotti’s work is like a person with its own special DNA. Dotti says her designs come from her feeling and passion for all the individual pieces that make them up. True Self Studio is a mix of many things – organic, industrial, rustic, contemporary with a touch of bohemian feel.

“All of my life,” Dotti says, ” I have been drawn to all forms of artistry but did not find my true passion until focusing on working with metal.”  Dotti began metalsmithing in 2010, opened her on-line Etsy shop in 2011 and eventually opened a booth at Wild Duck Soup Emporium in 2012.

Stop by Dotti’s True Self Studio booth at the Arts & Ag Harvest Market! She welcomes custom orders  too and is more than happy to work with a customer to create just the right piece for them or anyone on their gift giving list.

“Making what you love and loving what you make is a motto, “Dotti says, “that is close to my heart.  I hope you enjoy them and can find your True Self in one of my designs.”


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