Fondue Vintage Homewares at Arts & Ag Harvest Market October 27th

Fondue Vintage Homewares serves up practical home décor with bold vintage flavor. Covering their wares in real vintage and antique wallpapers, Fondue handcrafts lampshades, wall plates, and tissue box covers creating unexpected and fun detail on often overlooked décor staples.

Fondue is comprised of Mark and Nicole Lewis, a husband and wife team working from their home studio in the beautiful and quiet countryside of Grinder’s Switch, Tennessee. Their business was formed about seven years ago when Nicole covered a few switch plates in their home with some 1950’s wallpaper she had found at a barn sale. At first, Mark deemed this idea “crazy” but after seeing them up on the wall, both he and Nicole couldn’t believe what an impact such a small detail could make. The couple agreed that everyone with boring, plastic wall plates needed to experience the same rejuvenation to the walls in their homes and started selling them online.

Since then their inventory has expanded to include drum style lampshades and tissue box covers, both of which they construct by hand and finish with a covering of vintage wallpaper from their collection. And, they have quite a selection to choose from – what started with a couple old wallpaper sample books found on the dirt floor of a barn sale has turned into a wall of stacked drawers full of vintage wallpaper rolls with hundreds of different patterns dating from the early 1900’s to the early 1980’s. The myriad patterns span the gamut of kitsch to class with glamorous oversized florals and demure folk prints to pink poodles and vivid comic book heroes.

Fondue’s work has been seen in various publications including Country Living, Southern Living, and InStyle Home, as well as on NPT’s Tennessee Crossroads. Their home décor creations are available for sale online at as well as locally at Wild Duck Soup Emporium on the Centerville Square.


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