Gloria McCord to Play the Arts & Ag Harvest Market

Gloria McCord
Photography by Tonia Horton

Whether it’s a Duke Ellington standard or a Steve Earle classic, Gloria McCord is exceptional with any genre’, offering a unique twist on well known classics and an outstanding collection of originals.  “It’s all about the music, taking a song and somehow being able to add something of yourself to it.  Being able to feel what the writer felt, and present it in a way that’s never been done, to make it fresh.”

Born in the hills of West Virginia, one can’t help but hear mountain influence in much of her music.  Starting on guitar at age eight, Gloria was writing well into her teens.  While playing in a hard-rock Christian band, she studied classical guitar and swing at a local university, ultimately earning her degree in music.  “It was fun to be doing so many styles at once, but you had to hide the fact that you played rock when you were in school, or  you wouldn’t get the good teachers.  Undercover rocker.”  After gaining experience in the Wheeling-Pittsburgh area, playing anywhere from political fund-raisers to coal miners’ pubs (not a good party unless someone lost a tooth.), she moved to Nashville.

Gloria McCord
Photography by Tonia Horton

In Nashville her songwriting was honed.  “Living in the South has taught me more about songwriting than anything else.  A good song is a story.  Nobody tells a better story than a Southerner.  You just pick up phrasing that works, that hits the heart.”  Gloria soon became a regular performer at writer’s clubs such as the Broken Spoke and Boardwalk Café and has performed several times at the Bluebird Café.

After performing solo in the Memphis area, playing the blues on Beale Street, and after spending years cruising and performing on the Mississippi riverboats, she has relocated with her young daughter to her late husband’s roots, Centerville, TN.


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