Tonia Horton Photography

I am an artist with a love of photography. Since I was very young I have been drawing and painting. I was always interested in photography…the history of them, moments captured on paper. When I was about 11, my big brother bought a little 110 camera for me and my twin sister to use. We wore it out. Now I could put photographs along with my art in school art contests. When I was 18, a dear friend gave me a 35mm Nikon FG camera for Christmas. I couldn’t put it down and still have it today.

My daughter and I moved to beautiful Hickman County in 2002. Since the move, I have been exploring and photographing the many back roads, creeks, waterfalls and fields; usually with my daughter in tow. I have yet to run out of something wonderful and new to photograph. I am amazed at the scale of natural beauty in our county, along with the friendly people I have met on my many adventures. They always give me a personal insight into the area I am photographing.

In 2007, I switched to digital photography. What a learning curve that was, but now I am so happy I did. It literally cuts out most of the expense like film and the developing of so many rolls. Now I can pick and choose what to print and I have so many more to choose from. Now I have an extensive collection of nature photography and a tool that allows easier use with my portrait photography. Even more importantly, I can photograph my daughter, granddaughter and my family….to my hearts content.

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