Why do I love living in Hickman County? Let me count the ways……




Having been delivered by Dr. Holliday at Hickman County Hospital just a few months shy of the beginning of the 1970’s, I can honestly say that I was one of the last of a generation who was literally born, bred, and raised a Hickman Countian. Outside of a 4 year college stint at Freed-Hardeman in Henderson, TN, my 43 years have been spent with my head on a pillow and my feet under a table in good ole’ Keg Kounty. It would be impossible to enumerate all the reasons why I love living in this wonderful place in Middle Tennessee, so I will try to throw out just a few in no particular order……

  1. I have had the opportunity to travel to large cities and other countries. One of the first differences I notice is the smell. Hickman County has the best smelling, freshest air anywhere. Really. Breathe it in:)
  2. We have some of the best roads to travel on….both paved and dirt. Travel to other areas and you too will come to the same conclusion.
  3. Our streams, creeks and rivers are great waterways for boat, boot, canoe or kayak. Fishing, hunting and other outdoor recreational opportunities are abundant.
  4. Most years in Hickman County we get to enjoy the true sense of what it is to have four different changing seasons in a year. As they say, “If you don’t like the weather, just hang around for a bit. It will soon change.”
  5. It’s great to live in a town where there are still true “mom and pop” businesses. Please spend your money with them. They are a dying breed.
  6. The teachers in the Hickman County school system are second to none. Most go above and beyond the call of duty, often times digging deep in their own pockets to make sure each child is given every possibility to be successful. In addition, Jimmy Copley and Melody Skelton of Hickman County Adult Education are the unsung heroes of our academic system. Not only do they lovingly guide men and women toward a very needed education, they also instill in them self-confidence and pride.
  7. The last few years it’s been really neat to have two high schools in the same county. I think it has developed into a healthy rivalry that both ends of the county can have pride in and enjoy. It just so happens the biggest game in any sport ever played between HCHS and EHHS will take place a few days after this is written. Regardless of who wins and moves on in the playoffs, ALL of Hickman County will be victorious:)
  8. For a small community we are beyond blessed with the best of the best in medicine, law enforcement and all public servants of any kind. If you see any of these folks in uniform or task, give em a handshake and a hug. They deserve it.
  9. The Hickman County Times and KIX 96 do a wonderful job of keeping us informed and entertained.  Brad, Steve and crews remind us daily that its still a really neat thing to live in Hickman County. I would be remiss without also mentioning folks like Clay Harris and programs like “The Grinder Switch Hour”. Many very talented people who could reside elsewhere with the promise of much more financial opportunity have chosen to live right here in the hills and hollers with the rest of us. Their desire is to help others find the same love for Hickman County that we already have.
  10. No “Why do I love living in Hickman County” list would be complete without mentioning the blessing of living in a community where there are weekly Worship opportunities on every corner. God has blessed our home soil with some of the most loving, caring and compassionate people on the face of this earth. Tonight, thank Him for them.

Yes indeed, as Cousin Minnie would say, “I’m just so proud to be [from] here!”

(written by Devin Pickard – November 5, 2012)


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