Come Garden With Us!

In just a few weeks we’ll be breaking ground on the The Arts & Ag Garden Project. The garden will be  located near the back entrance of our unofficial headquarters, Wild Duck Soup Emporium, on the square in Centerville TN. This organic, lasagna-style garden is a volunteer effort, bringing together both young and old in the time honored tradition of digging in the dirt and growing delicious heirloom vegetables.

Until then, we’ll be dreaming of delicious tasting, perfectly plump, vine ripened tomatoes, crisp hot peppers, large, manageable mounds of fresh herbs strategically placed to ward off invasive insects, beautifully tapered crunchy-sweet carrots with strong tops that never break off when you tug them, oh and loads of summer squash growing on compact bush style plants that respect the boundaries of our weed-free garden paths! We’re dreaming of okra and tender green beans that never hide from us, sun ripened strawberries, those little tiny cucumbers you can make sweet pickles with, oh and sweet potatoes! Lettuce that stays sweet and buttery all summer long, onions and leeks and radishes and beets and swiss chard and pok choy and cow peas!!!

We’ll be collecting donations of heirloom seeds, organic compost, manure, newspaper, planks to build the beds, rich soil and other amendments like peat moss and mulch and straw and cardboard.  Trowels would also be nice.  For our garden art cement creations, we will need cement, sand, wire mesh and lots of other supplies for this amazing new project!

Please stay tuned for a complete list of needed items or contact Antonia Meadors at (931) 729-0690 to find out how you can participate in The Arts & Ag Garden Project.


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