Good Wool Etc.

Introducing our first Artist Bio for the 2013 Arts & Ag Tour!

Ashley andMy name is Ashley Brooks Whitaker, and I love to make stuff. With eleven Jacob sheep on the farm, I got tired of filling the garage with so many bags of wool that there wasn’t any room to park vehicles. I had to figure out what to do about all that dang wool! I signed up for a yarn spinning class at a wool and fiber festival and just about fell asleep at the wheel – literally! Not a spinner. At that same festival, I moped around the place, thinking I’d never figure out what to do about the wool. I had visions of using the wool to build a mountain in the pasture. At least the sheep would have something to play on! Then I walked by a booth with felted animals and another booth with felting supplies. I bought a few felting supplies and have been felting ever since. I still do plenty of other things other than felting because making leads to more making. And so it goes.

sheepOur workshop is our farm, Whit’s End Farm, in beautiful Thompsons Station, TN. We have eleven Jacob sheep, five goats, two donkeys, four dogs, two cats and too many chickens and guineas to count. The wool in our felted wool crafts comes straight from our sheep. All the other animals provide a lot of, um, fertilizer for the land. We’re not certified by OMRI, but I’d say we’re pretty darn organic. No artificial fertilizers needed for us!

wool ballsIn the process of taking care of all these animals, we find ourselves building and making and sewing and designing out of necessity. Farm stores either charge a fortune or don’t make what we need, so we end up making most of what we use on the farm. Even when we’re not making crafts to sell, we’re constantly creating new things we need and use.

I’ll be a featured artist at Tottys Bend Farm during the Arts & Ag Tour this Memorial Day Weekend.

Many of my creations are available online at AND at Wild Duck Soup Emporium which is located on the square in Centerville Tennessee.


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