Turnbull Creek Farm and Krusa Guitars-NEW Stop on the Arts & Ag Tour

Turnbull Creek Farm is a small property with big aspirations!  Owned and operated by Kipp Krusa and wife Tallahassee May, the 6 acre property is home to Kipp’s custom hand-built acoustic guitar business, Krusa Guitars, Imageand a Certified Organic produce and cut flower farm.  It is a busy and productive place, and on any given day you can find Kipp in his woodworking shop on the property, and Tallahassee in the field or greenhouse.

Kipp and Tallahassee moved to Turnbull Creek Farm ten years ago with their son Sawyer.  They felt lucky to find a property with a house, barn, field and shop space, and Tallahassee’s parents just 10 miles away on Barren Fork Bridge Rd.  Right away, they began growing three acres of mixed vegetables and cut flowers and developed a clientele in Nashville through selling at local farmer’s markets and to restaurants.  Currently, the farm sells its certified organic produce through Tallahassee’s business Fresh Harvest, LLC. Fresh Harvest is an online farmer’s market featuring small and local family farms, artisans and producers through which customers can order produce, flowers, meats, eggs, baked goods and honey for a weekly Nashville delivery or farm pick-up.  Turnbull Creek Farm is unique in that it is involved in year round intensive vegetable production utilizing both unheated hoop houses and a heated greenhouse.  It is also one of the only farms in the area that has diversified into cut flower production as well as offering floral design services for weddings and other special events.

Kipp Krusa is an internationally renowned luthier who has been building custom acoustic guitars for nearly 20 years. His instruments have been been featured in Acoustic Guitar, Premier Guitar, The Fretboard Journal, The Putney Post and The East Hampton Star.  His guitars are built by hand, one at a time, to the specifications of his clients. Each and every instrument that leaves his shop is not only a fine musical instrument, it is a work of art.

Turnbull Creek Farm and Krusa Guitars are excited to be a part of the Hickman County Arts and Ag Tour!  On that day visitors will be able to walk the fields, cut their own flower bouquet, tour Kipp’s guitar shop and see a demonstration – even play an instrument in the quiet listening room.  You can learn more about the farm and Krusa Guitars by visiting their websites, turnbullcreekfarm.com and krusaguitars.com.

-Written by Tallahassee May


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