Belle Springs Farm Raw Cow’s Milk & More (Stop #19)

187Belle Springs Farm was established about 3 years ago when our family moved here to Coble from our family farm in a tiny place called Viola, TN. Now with more space to spread out on, we’re able to expand our farming endeavors.

Our primary focus is on our little herd of Jersey cows. Those girls provide us with endless entertainment, pet-like companionship, and lots of delicious raw milk. With them, we do a herd-share operation – which means that you buy a share in our herd of Jerseys, and own a part of what they produce. In the state of Tennessee, this is currently the only legal way to acquire raw milk for human consumption. So, our shareholders sign the contract, buy the share(s), and pay us for our work on their herd. Though, admittedly, not the simplest way of getting milk, it has been well worth it! We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting our shareholders, getting to know them, and bottling milk specifically for them.

There are several other projects going on here, as well. We presently own several black cows for beef, and a couple of Large Black sows. As for personal pets, we own one cat (Dumplin’); a brilliant, energetic, young border collie (Sally Ann); and a fun, incredibly loyal blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix (Trapper). Trapper probably provides more entertainment on a regular basis than all the other animals combined.

What about non-animal adventures? Well, we’ve recently been enjoying some fresh shiitake mushrooms from our own logs, just across the creek behind the house. And, we are constantly brainstorming lots of ideas for what else we can do. We are Stop #19 on the Arts & Ag Tour this year. So come on by, tour the farm, and learn about the benefits of raw milk

You can also visit our website at

Written By Kyle Bradshaw


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