Leegacy Farm ~ Tour Stop # 17

plowin kentucky 580Leegacy Farm was a dream and a prayer long before it became a reality.

As our family grew over the years, we longed to go back to a farm, believing it to be a wonderful place to raise a family and believing that children benefit greatly from learning the value of hard work, good work ethic and serving others, fresh air and lots of sunshine, time working together as a family, simple pleasures, and time to think, pray, play, create, read, study, and enjoy God’s creation.

The early goal was that of being able to learn to raise enough food for our family, some to share, and eventually to be able to produce enough to make available to others who also wish to feed their families food of good quality and more locally and sustainably grown.

In an effort to bloom where planted and with much to learn, our family of fifteen practiced on a small acreage in our home state of Alabama with hopes of more opportunities in the future and of eventually working a small and diversified family farm together.

Gradually a few milk cows were acquired along with a pair of work horses, goats, and some egg and meat chickens. Vegetables, herbs, and corn for cornmeal and grits were grown and also sorghum which was to be made into syrup and also used as the sweetener in our bread recipe. Daily happenings included trying to learn all that we could from others and skills needed to shorten the grocery list.

january 11, 2013 016

But in April of 2011, many things changed. Tornadoes ravaged many parts of our former state and our community, we were now a family of fourteen, and we would need to re-build or relocate.

But the dream of farming as a family lived on. While still in temporary housing and after about eight months of much prayer and recovering, it was decided that we would relocate to a home already built and land ready to be farmed. And that’s how we ended up here in Tennessee sixteen months ago and on what we call Leegacy Farm.

picnic 4 13 13 015

We still have much to learn and much to do, but we’re very grateful for new beginnings and mercies, and we’re currently growing pork, chicken, rabbits, sheep, milk cows, and goats (for soap-making).

Plants have just been brought out of the hoop house and placed in the garden beds, and corn and sorghum will be planted in late May and with Jim and Jack, Jordan’s Percheron horses, doing the plowing of the beautiful Tennessee soil.

We continue to try and learn more and more about butter making and cheeses and such. So please come on by and take a turn at churning or offer tips you may be willing to share.

There are kid goats available for sale and playing in the fields and bunny rabbits (meat and pet) for petting or purchase. Heirloom non-gmo corn is available to be ground into cornmeal and there are the cows to be milked. Also, there will be crafts, wagon rides, a little farm store containing many organic products, dry goods, wood items, soaps, aprons and other gift items. And plenty of homemade treats: lemonade, breads, herb or honey butters, jams, foods, and fried pies JUST like grandma used to make!

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picnic 4 13 13 041

And while you’re sitting by the bubbling stream and possibly sipping lemonade, spring water or a delicious spritzer or Kumbucha tea, enjoy some beautiful toetapping tunes provided by the West Ladies or some melodious and elegant stringed music provided by Eleganza. AND…both groups will also have tables set up and including many of their own various crafts, CD’s and products!

As you plan your route and enjoy visiting many of the beautiful farms and businesses here in Hickman County, we do hope you can make it out to Leegacy Farm. And if you’d like to be signed up for future emails making you aware as various meats, dairy, produce, crafts and other store items become available, don’t forget to leave your contact information before leaving the farm! Or email us at: jordan@leegacyfarm.com. We are still working on a website, but you may visit our family blog at: a baker’s dozen barnhouse news.
The Lee Family

“A significant part of the pleasure of eating is in one’s accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which food comes.” ~ Wendell Berry


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