Many Thanks!

homestead blessingsWe think it’s safe to say the Arts & Ag Tour is here to stay! The hundreds of folks that cruised our county’s back roads May 24th and 25th toured 25 Arts & Ag locations and spent thousands of dollars on locally grown food, locally produced wine, lavender plants, honey, goat milk soaps, pottery, wood works, handmade jewelry, furniture, barn wood signs, vintage collectibles and other homegrown, handmade products. Friendships were forged; neighbors met and mingled, leaned on fence posts, listened to live music and enjoyed picture perfect weather under the blue skies of Hickman County. Oh, and some of us learned a thing or two like how to milk a goat, tips on bee keeping, the benefits of grass fed beef, what a CSA is and so much more!

Thanks to all who came out to visit us from near and far. Thanks to all who helped spread the word. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers who generously gave of their time and talent. Thanks to those special folks who opened their gates and hearts to over 500 curious, adventurous souls taking the Arts & Ag Tour. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and can’t wait to do it again next Memorial Day Weekend!

–Vanessa Davis, Nicole Lewis and Antonia Meadors


3 thoughts on “Many Thanks!

  1. Nicole, Vanessa, and Antonia,

    Well done, Ladies! What a wonderful event you and your merry band of volunteers have created for us to enjoy. So glad to hear it was successful and that it’s looking like there will be a third annual. I’ve marked my calendar for Memorial Day weekend with plans to hit the east end of the county next year. Shoot, I may just make it an overnight trip so I visit all the stops.

    As a native Hickman Countian, I’m thrilled to see such a fabulous showcase for so many talented, creative, enthusiastic, dedicated, hard-working folks. It’s a win-win for everyone. Woohoo!

    P.S. Kudos to Cindy Sarlo! Her pictures truly captured the lovely, warm, entertaining, happy nature of the Tour.

  2. I never knew that county was so beautiful until I traveled those back roads to the farm stops. Will look forward to it next year and will spread the news!

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