Tennessee Artist Uses Unusual Techniques to Create One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

 Merry1Hardwear Merry is a native Tennessean and lives in East Nashville. She always loved jewelry and making new things from her mother’s and grandmother’s old costume jewelry. She even made her high school prom jewelry from repurposing old pieces. Years after getting her B.S. in Textiles, Merchandising and Design, from MTSU, she started learning to silversmith. Almost nine years later, this, practically self-taught, artist has learned several techniques that she utilizes in her designs.
Hardwear Merry creates a line of jewelry that can put you into or get you out of your comfort zone. She hammers, puckers, fires, pleats, texturizes, sands, oxidizes, files, polishes, rivets and etches metal and leather. Sterling, copper, gold fill and brass are her main loves, but she’ll occasionally terrorize other metals to achieve different effects. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art using these techniques.  
You can meet and shop at Hardwear Merry’s booth during the Harvest Market, Saturday October 19th, at the Grinders Switch Winery.

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