“Crafting Your Story” Workshop for Small Businesses Nov 7th

spencepenhandsgfairy002manCraft Your Story: Market Yourself and Your Product

More often than not, local businesses use advertising and marketing in areas where there is little chance of actually reaching their real target audience. Most business owners today have heard of all the potential there is with the power of the internet, so they spend a fortune and countless hours on setting up a website, creating a Facebook page and Twitter account, and put a few links on their website. After all these are set up, the extent of what to do next ends at putting a link on their business card. Regrettably, most owners and administrators have no idea what the next step is. Some stick with the mission, managing to accumulate some friends and followers. Unfortunately, very few actually evolve their website and social media to a mature source of new business.

On November 7th, Arts & Ag is presenting an interactive seminar on exactly what to do next. With several special guest speakers explaining what they have done to market their business so successfully, as well as a detailed session with Jonathan Lewis, owner of ML Internet Consulting and Marketing. It will be an in-depth, step by step, “How To” on how to attract massive amounts of traffic to your business’ website. We will set out exactly how you can turn your website into what you had originally envisioned it to be, the equivalent of expanding to a new location, with no additional overhead and a sales increase that is life changing to your business.

So come and join us this Thursday, from 9:30 to 3:00, at Wild Duck Soup Emporium, 105 S. Public Square Centerville, TN 37033, for this essential workshop. This event is $30 per person, plus the cost of lunch. To register call (931) 729-0690 or email wildducksoup@gmail.com

Jonathan Lewis

ML Internet Consulting and Marketing




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