Arts & Ag Tour Preview Stop #2

MKT placeCenterville Marketplace is Stop #2 on the Arts & Ag Tour. Owner Korie Cochran boasts three floors of locally crafted products and a variety of vintage and antique collectibles. Cochran, who opened Centerville Marketplace in 2009, was one of the first new business owners on the square to concentrate her inventory in local, handmade items. Her knowledge of each and every product and the craftsmen who make them brings to life the story of Hickman County’s artisan community.

On day two of the Tour, one of Cochran’s premiere vendors, Joel Lopez of Keg Springs Pottery, will be demonstrating RAKU. RAKU is a type of traditional Japanese pottery that is used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, typically in the form of tea bowls. The vessels are often hand shaped rather than thrown, and are fairly porous, which results from low firing temperatures. In the traditional Japanese process, the fired RAKU piece is removed from the hot kiln and is allowed to cool in the open air.


Keg Springs Pottery RAKU vessels for sale at Centerville Marketplace

Janet Hopkins-Campbell will be on site at Marketplace on Saturday as well demonstrating watercolor techniques from 10am-2pm. A native of West Virginia, Hopkins has completed more than 250 commissioned works for clients in her 3o-year plus career and has been painting in the Centerville area for more than a decade. She plans to display a number of paintings during the Tour that showcase Hickman County.


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