Totally off-the-grid Solar Homestead at Stop #24

BarnEvermore Farm was purchased by George and Sarie Beckett in 2006. A tree farm of 193 acres this was to be the couple’s future retirement home. Although anxious to begin building right away it was in 2011 that the couple was able to start building their vision.

The home and has been built entirely with all “green” building techniques. It has a striking large wooden barn populated with 12,500 watts of solar panels that power this completely off-the-grid homestead. With the nearest electrical line being ¾ mile away, besides powering the home and farm, the solar normally found in panels also charge a Chevy Volt electric car, a Duffy electric boat, and George’s small fleet of powerful, all electric garden tractors that are used to do the majority of jobs on the farm. State of the art, super-efficient appliances provide the home with all the modern comforts you would expect in a modern home. Mini-split heat pumps provide air conditioning and heat from the solar array supplemented by an outdoor wood fired boiler in the winter time. A bank of 24 large batteries located in the basement of the home store the power needed when the sun is not shining.

The home itself was designed from the ground up to not only be extremely energy efficient, but every detail of the home was planned with earth friendly materials from the start. From zero VOC paint to carpeting made from recycled milk cartons and doors filled with pressed wheat it is an ecologists dream! The architecture of the home was uniquely designed to take advantage of passive energy savings and is super eco-friendly insulated to maintain a lovely interior environment free from all the chemicals normally found in modern construction. Light reflecting shingles, radiant barriers in the attic, even the chalking and glue used in the home was environmentally friendly. The list goes on and on! They are also avid recyclers with a recycling station that covers an entire wall of their garage!

The Beckett’s life style includes eco-friendly soaps, shampoos and house-hold cleaning liquids along with organic cotton sheets, towels, and even much of the clothing they wear is made from organic materials. They eat healthy, farm-to-table, organic fruits, vegetables and meats either from their own farm or from that of the many neighbors in Hickman County who run organic enterprises of their own. They raise their own chickens for eggs and meat and have an extensive garden today. Plans are to add pigs, fish and an orchard/vineyard in the next couple of years.

Finally, the Beckett’s are hosting a number of gospel concerts on their farm this summer including The Red Roots, the Double Country Tour, and Hew Haw’s LuLu Roman! This is a must see stop on the Arts and Ag tour.


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