Food–>The Final Frontier by Lulu

Technology as we know it today has grown by leaps and bounds in my lifetime. The cell phone we all hold in the palm of our hands is quite possibly more powerful than the mainframe computer that sent man into space in the 60s! We all take this space age Jetsons type technology for granted, because electronics touch every aspect of our lives every day.
“What,” you may ask, “does this have to do with FOOD?” Well, in my personal opinion, food is still one of the true pure arts remaining that has not completely been taken over by today’s technology. Oh there’s a veritable plethora of gadgets and appliances to make things easier and speedier; but there are just some things technology cannot replace. Food still has to be prepared; it has to start with some sort of human touch. The raw material is transformed into a beautiful end product that appeals to so many of our senses: sight, smell, taste.
Cooking is quite an amazing art. Yes, I call it art because even the quick ready to eat treats had to be originally made by some individual at some point in order for it to be streamlined and mass produced on an assembly line. Food and cooking also requires yet another lost quality that is short supply these days: patience. No amount of technology or rushing can produce wonderful culinary masterpieces. Cooking is therapeutic. You can express yourself; you can distract yourself, and then relax with the end product. You can also have a feeling of accomplishment by seeing the whole process from beginning to end, not to mention the satisfaction of seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they enjoy your creations. It can be very rewarding.
Come to the third annual Arts & Ag Harvest Market on October 18th from 10am-5pm at the Grinders Switch Winery, and take home some of the bounty of this beautiful rich country side we call home to start your own work of art. Also, check out some of Lulu’s holiday muffins and warm drinks while you enjoy the day of shopping, live music and award winning wine.


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