Back to the Roots Farm–Booth #22

Back to the Roots Farms will bring their farm garden vegetables, eggs and other farm product to the Harvest Market. They are new to Hickman County and are growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Their methods range from traditional orchard to organic and sustainable farming practices, and they plan to add aquaponics. A large portion of their acreage is kept as fields for pastured livestock; chickens, lambs, goats, and their future five year plan is to raise a small heard of buffalo a.k.a bison. Their food and livestock feed will all be grown on their farm using sustainable, permaculture and organic practices. They intend on hosting a few honey bee hives for an overall balanced environment.
They are committed to growing nutritious, fresh from the field food on land that is healthy for plants, animals, and people. They will not use hazardous synthetic chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. Their plan is to use cover crops, physical barriers, companion planting, mulch, compost, and other natural methods to manage weeds and pests and improve soil fertility.
Back to the Roots Farm is enrolled as part of the “Green Belt.”
They avoid planting any genetically engineered seed, with an emphasis on organic and heirloom varieties that cannot be found on most supermarket shelves. They strive to bring the best flavor and quality goods to the family’s table and their new community, while leaving their corner of Hickman County better than when they found it.
Be sure to stop by Booth #22 to meet Lori and Rick and check out their farm produce!<a


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