Heritage Reclaimed Farm–Booth #9

Heritage Reclaimed Farm welcomes you to visit them at booth #9 where they will be making organic fried pumpkin bread, among other tasty farm productrsz_heritage_reclaimed_farm11. They are the Shough family, and their farm is located in the gently rolling hills and green fertile pastures of Middle Tennessee. Their goal and vision for their family and farm, is to recover the Biblical mandate of taking dominion of the land, and to raise, grow and produce healthy food for our family, our community, our region and future generations, using sustainable farming practices.

They are studying agriculture and production models from the past, with an understanding of using today’s technology and mobile infrastructure to assist in non-conventional farming methods. Their goals include the raising of cattle on grass-only pastures with no grain; pigs that are rotated through wooden glens that are fed organic / non-gmo feed; chickens that are moved through green grassy fields where they can forage for bugs, and farm products that are free from any pesticides, GMO’s, antibiotics, hormones, etc. This is the way that their family likes to eat, and they want to provide products that are healthy to those sharing the same vision.

Stop by to visit Charles, Shona, Isaac and Valor Shough at booth #9.


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