Welcome First-timer jpCreatives–Booth #15

JPcreativesPIC Janet Pierce, originally from Memphis, has lived in Centerville for over 20 years. Her passion in life has always been centered around caring for others as a Registered Nurse. Medical issues caused her to put her love of nursing on hold and discover something hidden within … creativity.
Raised in a creative family, Janet never tapped in to this part of her psyche. After retiring, her father began wood carving & exploring the world of painting, while her mother began painting & basket weaving. Her sister is a Graphic Designer.
Janet’s creations began through Puzzle Pictures. After that, she started decorating Picture Frames as gifts for family members. Over time, she began to decorate Christmas Ornaments. Her family, impressed with her newfound creativity, encouraged her to sell her creations – which led to the beginning of jp.creatives. She continues to decorate Picture Frames and Christmas Ornaments: Stars, Hearts & glass Globes. Her line of creations also include Easter Eggs, Faux Stained Glass, Initials, and Coasters.
Janet also enjoys writing and graphite pencil drawing. She has written 2 devotions which will be published by the Upper Room magazine next year.
You can view all of her creations on facebook.com/jp.creations4you. In addition, they are available at the Wild Duck Soup Emporium.


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