Bulla Farm Beginnings–Booth #10

BullaFarm When Sheri and Tom Bulla decided they wanted a little garden spot, they began looking for a couple of acres outside of Nashville. Each trip brought disappointment with rocky hillsides, cedar tree topped pasture land, tear-down houses, no houses or just beautifully non-descriptive land. Eventually, they were drawn to a property in Maury County where they bugged the owner every weekend with visits and questions when she finally gave us the news that she’d changed her mind and wasn’t selling however; she had just received information about a property in Centerville that was beautiful and had just become available. She gave them the printout, directions to the property and chased them out of her driveway. After several hours of back road country side driving, they were thankful to find Hwy 100, where they headed back to Nashville.
Although they’d never heard much about Centerville or even knew where it was, they were now forced to move on, and were determined to locate the elusive road with the missing road sign, making at least three visits to find the Centerville property. When they drove through the gate and up the long, winding drive they were overwhelmed by the scenic charm of the thirty-seven acres off of Swan Creek Road. They’d found their garden spot along with a barn, pond, quaint little house and several outbuildings filled with treasures of gourds and hand-crafted wreaths.
They love calling Centerville home and sharing it with the three dogs that chose them as parents. They have no livestock but consider themselves farmers. “Dang!” Sheri said, “We bought a tractor, we bush hog and we grow a glorious garden that has been designed with precise measurements of one architect husband who measures, eyes it from corner to corner, measures, does a computer printout, hammers in the accurate, string-staked guide lines and supervises my assistance for more straight lined planting. Ah, but it’s beautiful and the chemically free vegetables we’ve grown this year have been shared at the Centerville Farmers Market with much positive feedback. My passion for growing Loofa sponge has brought many smiles as I explain it doesn’t come from the ocean but grows really well on a fence here in the Hickman County soil. I look forward to sharing the bounty from our farm as well as a little music at the 2014 Harvest Market.”


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