Mama’s Naturals — Booth #14

IMG_0052Welcome to Mama’s Naturals Tennessee featuring herbal and natural products handcrafted in Coble, Tennessee by creator Mama Gian.
Gian was born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD. She and her husband and nine children moved to Hickman County Tennessee, from Hickman County Kentucky to be closer to their church two years ago. Since the birth of her first child over two decades ago, Gian has been studying and trying out different natural remedies for her family and even her pets and farm animals. She loves to make natural products for her family and share them with friends. Each product was designed and created to meet a specific need of a loved one. Finding these creations helpful, she desires to make them available to others. She enjoys creating products that are natural, effective, safe and inexpensive. She loves that God has created plants with amazing healing properties and enjoys learning about them and putting them to use.
Stop by booth #14 to test out some Lavender – Aloe Hand sanitizer (no triclosan!) or some Gentle Flower Oil (Skin nourishing oils infused with healing flowers.)
Other items available will include Green Goo (an herbal salve created to ease her son’s poison ivy) Special Salve (an herbal salve created to help her daughter’s wheezing), Tooth Powder (an all natural powder to clean teeth and freshen the mouth with no SLS, glycerin, fluoride, or artificial sweeteners.), and several Tea Blends.


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