Our Host – Grinder’s Switch Winery!

Once the quiet, country home of Joey and Gail Chessor, Grinder’s Switch Winery has been providing customers with a cozy, family wine experience for the last 7 years. Nestled in their hand-built log cabin, the Chessor’s make some of the best wine found on this side of the Mississippi River. The wine list ranges from sweetest fruit wines to the driest reds and everything in between.

The 110-acre estate is home to over 7 acres of vineyards where the Chessor’s grow 5 different varieties of grapes and houses a tank room that can hold up to 5,000 gallons of wine in various stages at any time.

Grinder’s Switch Winery is truly a family business. Joey and Gail along with their children, Mick and Jodie, run the winery and all of the day-to-day operations that that entails. The winery often calls on the community to help bring in the harvest and bottle their award-winning wine.

Grinder’s Switch Winery has been a huge supporter of Arts & AG from the very beginning and we are so excited to have them host the Harvest Market again this year!



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