Wild Duck Soup Emporium


Hickman County native, Antonia Meadors, hatched Wild Duck Soup Emporium with the help of her sons, on the Centerville Square in July 2011. After living for many years on the West Coast and in the Islands, and returning to Hickman County with her young Hawaiian children, she was excited about the number of diverse and creative people who had settled in the area.  With a background in the arts and education, she envisioned a place on the square where local artisans could sell their work, folks of all ages could attend art and dance classes, listen to music, and get a really good cup of coffee.

Emporium is an old term used to describe a type of marketplace that hosts a wide variety of items, and Wild Duck Soup boasts a melting pot of heirloom quality hand-made items by local artists, an expanding art gallery, a whole foods market that includes (among other things) locally milled cornmeal, free ranged eggs, raw goat milk (for cosmetic purposes of course) and organic groceries. If you decide to employ a healthier diet, have special dietary needs, or a desire to make your own sushi, you will find that you don’t have to leave the county to get the ingredients. And don’t forget the coffee!  It is fresh ground and brewed to order from locally roasted coffee beans (with free WiFi). Open Tuesday-Friday from 9:30am-5:30pm and Saturday from 10am-3pm, the shop also hosts a resident massage therapist.

Include a hip second story entertainment venue and it is evident why the shop has been dubbed “The Soup” by locals. The name also honors the Duck River which winds through the entire county and is the most bio-diverse river in North America. Workshops are held at The Soup, on every kind of subject from literary writing skills and fairy house construction, to informational seminars on sustainable farming.  Classes planned for the future include natural foods cooking, alternative health education,  sprouting seeds and culturing vegetables, paper art, Diva Dolls, a Harvest Feast, and many more. The Soup is open for meetings and gatherings, with private parking and catering available.

People from all walks of life and all lifestyles shop at Wild Duck Soup. A person might come in with a particular interest and serendipitously meet another customer with information on the topic.  Of course artists of all kinds frequent the place, along with health professionals, foodies, tourists, skateboarders and senior citizens.   We’ve been serenaded  by “Elvis” and a most amazing choral group.  We’ve been visited by guitar pickers, fairies, fiddliests, farmers, jugglers, and red hat ladies.

And of course there’s a generous helping of live music!

See www.wildducksoupemporium.com for details on upcoming events.  Forever evolving, The Soup is proud to announce “Coming soon: Raw Foods Juice and Smoothie Bar!”

To answer a commonly asked question, “How’s that duck soup?”, the truth is that they are almost always and most certainly fresh out of soup, but you never know who you might meet or what might happen while you are there.


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