New American Gothic: Stop #15 Arts and Ag Tour of Hickman County

Vanessa and Nate Davis of Totty's Bend Soap Farm. Stop # 8 on this year's tour.

Vanessa and Nate Davis of Totty’s Bend Soap Farm. Stop # 8 on this year’s tour.

The American Gothic painting by Grant Wood has become an icon of the American Farmer. In this new series of photographs, Emily Naff hopes to honor the tradition of the New American Farmer, focusing on those with small sustainable farms. These farmers have all made a decision to farm in ways that is healthy for the animals, the land and the humans. Farming is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle choice that these farmers have embraced with body, mind and soul.

For this photo series, Emily asked each of the farmers to pose in a style reminiscent of the painting, while holding tools of the farm and/or something that represents them and their farm.

  • Totty’s Bend Soap Farm: Vanessa Davis is holding one of their new baby goats, while Nate poses with the best tool for pitching hay. Vanessa is one of the organizers of the Arts and Ag Tour.  Be sure to stop by and see her, Nate and the goats at Stop #8.



Nicole and Mark Lewis of Lewis Acres

Nicole and Mark Lewis of Lewis Acres


  • Lewis Acres: Nicole and Mark Lewis are holding Tennessee Fricassee, the rooster, and a basket of fresh eggs from their happy hens.  Nicole was one of the founding team members of the Arts & Ag Tour.  She’ll be selling eggs at the Farmers Market at Riverpark on Saturday.  Stop # 7


The first prints from this new and ongoing series will be on display at Toyzini Gallery, Stop #15, on the Arts and Ag Tour.  There you will also see the photos of Turnbull Creek Farm, Sugar Camp Farm, Bee Haven Springs Farm and Riversong Farm.  The farmers in the first photos from the series have been from  Hickman County, but Emily would like to photograph farmers all across Tennessee. If would like to suggest a farmer for this series, please contact

For over ten years, Emily Naff has pointed her camera at exotic locations around the world.  Since buying a farm in Hickman County, she has started looking closer to home for photographic inspiration.  As Emily says, “this series, is really just a good excuse to hang out with interesting people and visit beautiful farms.” For more info about each of the farmers see blog posts on


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