Local Artists


ART at the Hickman County Courthouse.


Scroll down to see our Directory of Artists and Performers.


Arts & Ag Directory of Artists and Performers

We encourage you to take some time to learn about our local artists and performers through their stories and discover the many resources you have for handcrafted items and entertainment right here in Hickman County! Click the links to learn more.

Drawing and Painting

Painting by Toyzini

Sunny Side of the Street by Toyzini


Michael Furlong
Janet Hopkins
Dodi Lovett
The Great Toyzini



Tonia Horton Photography
Muro Photography
Emily Naff Photography

Cindy Sarlo
Timeless Treasures


Custom made by Krusa Guitars


Clay’s Benches and More
Good Wool Etc.

Krusa Guitars
Tom the Furniture Guy
Daniel Watkins
Woodchips and Sawdust

Pottery and Baskets

Piney Pottery

Baskets for Hearth and Home

Vicki Imoberstag

Joel Lopez
Piney River Enterprises Inc.

Paper and Textiles

Picture of Nicole Lewis

Fondue Vintage


Chris Armstrong
Barefoot Farm Girl
Hickman County Quilt Guild
Fondue Vintage Homewares
Good Wool Etc.
Joanne’s Creations
Joyous Treasures





Good Wool, Etc

Joanne’s Creations





Mark Baczynski
Grinders Switch Radio Hour
Grinders Switch Skillet Lickers
Krusa Guitars
Bobby Lambert Band
Ray LeMay
Gloria McCord
Mark Meadors and Browns Giftshop Revival
The West Ladies

Theater and Spoken Word

Sit a spell

Clay Harris Theatre
Mary Beth Pruett Story Telling



2 thoughts on “Local Artists

  1. As an occasional guest on the Grinders Switch Radio Hour, it’s so good to find this web site and to see them listed! Looking forward to learning more & coming back to Hickman County.

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