Why? Personal Opportunities! –by Jim Griffin

Here is the second edition of our “Why Hickman County?” series. Jim Griffin wrote us after seeing the first edition printed in the Hickman County Times. Thank you so much, Mr. Griffin – we appreciate you sharing your story with us!

My parents could not afford to send me to college, but wanted me to go – so I went. God led me into a program that paid my college and trained me for my life’s work in Centerville. A college co-op program was designed to train students to work as “Member Service Advisors” for electric co-ops to help members use electricity wisely. I worked every other quarter my last three years of college, all over the Tennessee valley with the TVA and electric co-ops. I helped with three MLEC annual membership meetings in Centerville, Hohenwald, and Waverly – all day meetings in two big tents at the fairgrounds, back in the early 1950’s.

I was drafted in the Army for two years. A TVA supervisor called to tell me of an opening for Member Service Advisor in Centerville. I interviewed and came to Centerville in 1958 to work until retirement in 1994.  My work also involved community and economic development so I became totally involved in the community. I love Centerville and Hickman County – I’m glad I came!

Ten Things I like about Hickman County

  1. The people – friendly and helpful
  2. The beauty
  3. Water – rivers and springs all over
  4. Bluffs
  5. Woods – 80% woodland – beautiful and good for our economy
  6. Location – outside the city, but close enough to go when I need to
  7. Access to interstate travel
  8. Access to the Natchez Trace
  9. Opportunities for personal and economic growth for individuals and families
  10. Great community leadership – Chamber and other organizations

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