Why? Hard working people and great business! –by Tom and April Podnar


by Tom & April Podnar (Tom, the Furniture Guy & April’s Attic)

About 10 years ago Tom & I were traveling from St. Louis, Missouri back to our home in Orlando, Florida when we took a middle Tennessee detour.  We were heading to Hohenwald to visit an Air Force buddy and ended up going around the Centerville Square. We both commented on how much we loved towns with squares and continued on our way.  Shortly after that we started talking about making a life change and exploring different places to settle based strictly on quality of life.  It didn’t take us long to decide to come back this way and find property close to that little town square.  We are both entrepreneurial  in nature so we decided to each start our own business here in Hickman County.  Tom gave up sitting in front of a computer for salvaging barnwood and building furniture and signs.  I pursued my passion for all things vintage and started an antique and collectibles store. We found a wonderful piece of property with a great house, a couple of extra buildings and plenty of land around it.  In the past 6 years we have made many new friends, breathed a lot of fresh country air and realized that we have in fact found  “our little piece of heaven”.

Ten Reasons Why We Love Living in Hickman County (in no particular order)

  1. Crystal clear night skies with stars so close you think you can reach out and touch them
  2. The family of deer who live on our property
  3. Two stoplights in the entire county
  4. A beautiful drive no matter where you are going
  5. Living out in the country but less than 10 minutes from town
  6. Spending extra time going to town – not because of traffic – but because you run into so many interesting people to talk to
  7. Working with other hard-working people trying to make our town successful!
  8. Shopping at all of our great local stores and feeling good that our money stays here in our great town
  9. Hearing “Thank You for your Business”, and “Come back and See us” and knowing that they mean it!
  10. Our neighbors at the Grinder’s Switch Winery who let me help them bottle their wine, now that is quality of life!

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