Who/what is Arts & Ag?

Arts & Ag began in 2012 as a group of three women, Vanessa Davis, Nicole Lewis and Antonia Meadors, endeavored to create a back roads tour of farms and studios across the beautiful, rural Tennessee area of Hickman County. The success of the Arts & Ag Tour inspired the continued collaboration of many community members, under the name Arts & Ag.

The mission of Arts & Ag is to provide an open network for independently owned, craft-based and agrarian businesses and to promote those local businesses to the public. Furthermore, Arts & Ag will provide educational opportunities for the community about the arts, cottage industry and sustainable farming. Through these efforts we hope to raise awareness, encourage creativity, increase agri-tourism and commerce in Hickman County, and support the practice of small-scale, sustainable agriculture.

What is the Hickman County Arts & Ag Tour?

The Hickman County Arts & Ag Tour is a FREE two day self-guided tour of farms on the back roads of Hickman County Tennessee and takes place annually on Memorial Day weekend (Friday & Saturday). Natural and historic landmarks, community centers and other points of interest are also highlighted. Each destination on the map features an agricultural element combined with local artists including crafters, writers, musicians etc. Activities include farm tours, demonstrations, arts, crafts, food, music, and more.

Each tour stop is open from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. each day they are participating (with the exception of stops who have music lined up for later in the evening).

Can I volunteer for Arts &Ag?

We love helpers! There’s a lot going on and a lot to be done. If you’re interested in one of our Volunteer Teams, let us know by contacting Antonia Meadors at 931-628-0215.

How is the Tour Advertised?

paid advertising
  • Validity magazine
  • Local Table
  • local travel magazine Busy Bee
promotional materials
  • rack cards located in 5 Tennessee highway rest stops
  • rack cards distributed by local shops & businesses as well as participants on the Tour who pass them out in advance to their customers at other art shows and farmers markets they attend
  • posters displayed at 5 Tennessee highway rest stops
 other advertising
  • social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • online calendars statewide
  • feature articles on artists and farms in local magazines and newspapers
  • blog shout outs about artists and farms and other sites on the tour map
  • TN Magazine Calendar
  • word of mouth
  • contacting publishers and producers about our event (such as Ms.Cheap, Bulger’s Beat, Tennessee Crossroads, etc.) to try to get our event featured! Sometimes it works, sometimes not – but we keep trying!

Our Volunteer Street Team helps distribute posters and rack cards throughout Middle Tennessee and everyone involved with this event promotes the tour by word of mouth, in person, on their social media sites, and through email contacts.

Are there other Arts & Ag activities besides the Tour?

Why Hickman County? In 2013 Arts & Ag completed a project called, “Why Hickman County?” Where we asked people who live here why they have chosen to live here (or to stay here if from here) and what are their absolute favorite things about Hickman County. Each piece is featured on our blog https://artsandagtour.wordpress.com/  and was published in the Hickman County Times.

The Arts & Ag Harvest Market is intended to extend the enthusiasm in our community generated by the Arts & Ag Tour and continue to showcase what Hickman County has to offer by bringing the Tour into one “stop” for a festive fall event. The Harvest Market is located on the grounds of the beautiful Grinders Switch Winery on the third Saturday in October.

The Arts & Ag Garden Project is located near the back entrance of our unofficial headquarters, Wild Duck Soup Emporium, on the square in Centerville TN. This organic, lasagna-style garden is a volunteer effort, bringing together both young and old in the time honored tradition of digging in the dirt and growing delicious heirloom vegetables.

Would you like to talk to an Arts & Ag representative?

Please call Antonia Meadors at 931-628-0215 or email us at artsandagtour@gmail.com.


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