Piney River Enterprises Inc

Arts & Ag demonstrations at Piney River Enterprises: On May 26, Anita will be demonstrating various pottery techniques, as I work at the forge demonstrating my skills in blacksmithing. Together we try to encourage and support each others art. Come and watch an outdoor gas kiln firing. On display and for sale we will have pottery, handmade knives and custom guns. We are currently planning our first Art Show. Keep a watch on our website for a complete list of other local artist that will have art on display and for sale as well. As for Ag related interest, check out our organic raised gardens, greenhouse, Cactus collection (cactus cutting available to all visitors), rainwater water system & windmill. Watch our website and Arts and Ag Tour website for updates. We’re looking forward to seeing y’all soon! –James Lewis


Piney River Enterprises, Inc has cumulated from several different business ventures over a 30 year period. Since Anita and James’ marriage in 1977, there was a drive of entrepreneurship.

James started restoring old vintage cars as a hobby, and then began rebuilding engines for the public to support that hobby. As that venture grew, he began buying and restoring cars to sell, and then restoring cars for the public. This began doing machine work for the public and formed Lewis Machine.

Raising cattle on the farm since 1964, James and Anita bought 10 registered Beefmaster cows in 1977 and formed Lewis & Sons Beefmasters. As the herd grew, hay equipment was needed to produce the hay for winter feed. To help pay for the hay they began custom hay bailing for the public. Today, they are running close to 150 cows and calves and bailing around 3500 rolls of hay per year. Selling 85% of the hay, and selling the calves as “Grass Fed Beef”…..Piney River Custom Hay.

Around 1985, they purchased the Pinewood General Store, which had been closed for several years. After a complete remodel, the store was reopened selling groceries, deli meat, hand dipped Ice cream, hardware, feed, antiques and guns. After selling the store in 1990, a gun shop opened on their property forming A. Lewis Enterprise. James and Anita sold the gun business after 15 years, and converted the gun shop into a rental house.

While traveling around the country, staying in chalets on the river and cottages in the mountains, they realized the very things they enjoyed were also right here in their backyard. They decided to build two log cabins right on the Piney River that grew into two additional RV sites. They are currently expanding to a total of 10 RV sites, (Hope to be completed by summer 2011) thus forming Piney River Escapes.

While in Colorado hunting in 1989, James and Anita visited a pottery studio. Intrigued by the wheel thrown pottery, Anita expressed an interest in learning. The following Christmas James gave Anita her first potter?s wheel. After 20 years, Anita opened a studio in their home……Neat Stuff Pottery.

Seeing the success on all natural grass fed beef, plans are being made to start a community organic garden and heirloom plants. The greenhouse is almost complete; the rain water tanks are installed. They hope to be in full operation spring of 2012 using solar panels for power and natural rain water delivered by a windmill.


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