summer trio

Arts & Ag began as a group of three women (pictured here from left to right: Antonia Meadors, Vanessa Davis and Nicole Lewis) took it upon themselves to create a back roads tour of farms and studios across the beautiful, rural Tennessee area of Hickman County. The success of the Arts & Ag Tour inspired the trio to continue their collaboration and to work together under the name, Arts & Ag.

The mission of Arts & Ag is to provide an open network for independently owned, craft-based and agrarian businesses and to promote those local businesses to the public. Furthermore, Arts & Ag will provide educational opportunities for the community about the arts, cottage industry and sustainable farming. Through these efforts we hope to raise awareness, encourage creativity, increase agri-tourism and commerce in Hickman County, and support the practice of small-scale, sustainable agriculture.


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  1. This is such a great idea!! Gonna be amazing! I can’t wait, and neither can the musicians, Mark Meadors and Brown’s Giftshop Revival, Miranda Louise and our very own Daniel Bey, who played at Mardi Gras last Saturday night at Wild Duck Soup Emporium. They are thrilled to be invited to play at one of the last stops on the Arts and Ag Tour!

  2. My GGGGrandfather Alexander Gray, put the Gray into Gray’s Bend TN which is the name of our old family farm. I live in Washington State, but my wife and I hope to visit this summer and track down the old family tombstones that I saw as a boy in the sixties in front of the old farm house. If you have an address for the farm house or what remains, would love to know where? Juan Badsanta (James Gray Billington) thewildernessvoice@yahoo.com

      • Betty Jane, are you on the Arch Harvill side? I had Helen Shepard as a teacher in high school. I know Betty Harvill and her (and the late Arch’s, once Mr. Brunner’s) house was featured on the tour as Betty’s Organic Bee Garden!

  3. My grandmother Stella Harvill Hite was a sister to Arch and Helen’s grandfather Archibald Jerome Harvill, so Helen and Arch and I would have been second cousins.

    • Hi, Lynn. Thank you for your inquiry. The deadline for vendors has already past and the event is full. We appreciate your interest in the event and hope you can make it to visit the Harvest Market!

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