Narrow Gate Farm

It all started on the beach in North Florida as our family had just began to grow. We saw a culture that didn’t appeal to us and we decided to move inland to Chipley, Fl in hopes of living a more peaceful lifestyle. We lived on a small farm in a rural area and raised various creatures and a small garden but after seven years, in the midst of building a log home on 20 acres, we felt God’s call to Tennessee. We initially looked at land in East Tn. where we felt the area would accommodate Mike’s artistic abilities. As we sought the right place for our family, however, we found that in order to farm in the capacity we hoped we would have to look further West. It was then that we came to Hickman County. The land was right. The time was right.

It was 2006 and we settled on a quiet 40 acre farm on Wadesbranch rd. ten miles outside Centerville and since have been continually reminded that it was the right decision for our family.
Our farm has slowly grown and taken a path of self-sufficiency. We feel like organic sustainable farming is the only route for us to take because we wish to strive for excellence in everything we do at NarrowGateFarms. We desire to improve the land we have with each passing season. The more we learn the more dynamic our farm becomes and we’re constantly trying to build on the foundation. It began with providing for ourselves more sufficiently and as we have built upwards we have found great pleasure in our opportunities to bring healthful nourishing food to the community. We’re enjoying all of our agricultural adventures and are especially striving to grow tasty organic greens for our customers as well as pasture raised beef. We also run a small lumber mill where we often process locally harvested timber into wood products. The dynamic nature of our farm leads us into new ventures with each year which have included: beef cattle, free-ranged meet and egg chickens, pork, produce, hoop-house greens, flowers, herbs, value added products, lumber milling, and most of all purposeful day to day living on lush land brimming with activity.

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