Heritage Reclaimed Farm: Stop # 14 on the Arts and Ag Tour of Hickman County

Cows grazing at Heritage Reclaimed Farm

Cows grazing at Heritage Reclaimed Farm

Heritage Reclaimed Farm will be a part of the Hickman County Arts and Ag Tour for the third time this year.  Established in 2012, Heritage Reclaimed Farm has all Middle Tennessee has to offer; rolling hills, open pastures, ponds, creeks and  springs. The Charles and Shona Shough family moved to middle Tennessee for the purpose of being part of a community of faith, establish better food systems, and to help serve their neighbors. Along with their two sons, Isaac and Valor, they are working hard to reclaim the land and the heritage of their homestead.

In their commitment to better health, and good stewards of the Land, they raise and sell Grass-fed Beef & Sheep, Organic Pastured pigs, and organic pastured chickens.

On Saturday of the Hickman County Arts and Ag Tour, they will be featuring a French Market and preparing their signature Organic Pork Stack Fry Bread Plate with slaw and French Beignets topped with Organic Jam.  You can purchase Organic, rustic, artisan bread, organic raw milk grass-fed cheese from an Artisan Cheese maker and purchase their meats directly raised on the farm. When visiting the farm, you will enjoy the scenic beauties of Middle Tennessee, and speak to one of their farm-hands and discuss grass-fed rotational cattle, chicken grazing and low infrastructure farm endeavours.

You can take a self-guided tour of the farm, or we can take you on a hay ride. You will be able to see and meet the animals that are a part of their everyday life. This day is sure to be memorable, and they invite all to come and take a stroll around the farm, and garden and enjoy the beauty of special homestead.




The Fifth Annual Arts & Ag Tour is coming up May 27th and 28th!

If you are interested in participating as an artist, crafter, musician, or as a farm on this back roads tour through Hickman County, please contact us at 931-628-0215 or email us at artsandagtour@gmail.com. More info and applications available to download and print from the link below. 

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity! Participate on Friday or Saturday or both days. Stay tuned on Facebook, too!






Call to Farmers, Artisans and Musicians for the 2015 Hickman County Arts & Ag Tour

With Spring just around the corner, Arts & Ag is gearing up for the Fourth Annual Arts & Ag Tour of Hickman County which will be Memorial Day Weekend Friday, May 22 and Saturday, May 23, 2015. We are now accepting applications for farms, artisans, and musicians who would like to showcase their talents and their wares on the 2015 Arts & Ag Tour Map. Community Centers and local non-profit organizations are also welcome. Applications are attached here but they can also be picked up at Wild Duck Soup Emporium, 105 S. Public Square, Centerville, TN  37033 (931 729 0690) or downloaded here.

Applications must be submitted to Antonia Meadors at Wild Duck Soup Emporium along with the entry fee of $35 cash on or before March 15, 2014. From March 16th until April 15th, the fee is $45. Receipts will be provided.NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER APRIL 15th.. The fee is waived for non-profits who submit their application in by March 15th, and for musicians who are willing to perform at a site – a display to promote yourself and sell your cds is encouraged. Space on the map is limited and there is a selection process so please submit your completed application as soon as you can.

Arts & Ag Tour Preview Stop #10

Sweetcreek is a little different from most of the other stops, as it is not a commercial farm. They don’t “do” anything here. But they DO live the good life in rural Tennessee. Edna, the farm-wife, grows a lot of their own food, and is passionate about that. If you are interested in home gardening, there will be short tours of the garden with lots of information about growing fruits and vegetables. She also grows flowers and herbs, and will have several easy-care perennials for sale. Edna would love to share her years of experience as a Master Gardener and her passion for home gardening with you. Stop by to see Sweetcreek Farm and enjoy local music by an acapela trio, local artists, and experience the good life this Memorial Day weekend.

Vicki Imoberstag demonstrating pottery techniques

Vicki Imoberstag demonstrating pottery techniques

Sweetcreek Farm is hosting several local artists and artisans. Vicki ImOberstag, potter extraordinaire and great neighbor, will be throwing pots Friday and Saturday at 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 2:00 PM down at the barn. Enjoy the demonstrations and take home an original piece of pottery! The Barefoot Farm Girl will return this year with her honey products and hand-made items. Buffalo River Artist’s Co-Operative will also be offering a variety of hand-made items, including weaving and jewelry. Demonstrations will be held throughout the day.

New this year is David Anderson, local retired Wildlife Management officer, who will be taking visitors on a short Wild Walk. Visitors to the farm can experience one of the most loved things about living in Hickman County – the wonderful natural beauty. Walks will start from the barn at 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM, and 2:30 PM. This will be a short walk (about 15-20 minutes), but a steep one. Bring a stout walking stick (or pick one up at the barn), and wear hiking boots or tennis shoes. Tick spray will be a good idea, too.

Sweetcreek Farm enjoys another of the great things about Hickman County – pure, cold, fresh-from-the-ground spring water. All of the farm’s water comes from the spring on the back of the property and is piped to a holding tank by the barn. This is the spring that gave the farm its name, and its been said that its the best water in the county! Enjoy all you can drink while you’re here, and bring containers to take some with you. If you have a picnic lunch and a blanket, please feel free to find a spot to enjoy your meal while you’re here – but you might have to share with the dog.

Arts & Ag Tour Preview Stop #4

courthouseHistoric Downtown Centerville at the Old Courthouse is Stop #4 on the 2014 Arts & Ag Tour.

Inside the antique brick building, which sits in the center of the square, is a treasure trove of Hickman County history. On Friday from 10am-4pm you are invited to explore the Hickman County archives and meet members of the Historical Society who most recently published a book chronicling the history of the Old Courthouse. This book will be for sale for $15 and the proceeds will go to restoring the building. Historic Downtown Centerville plans to use the restored courthouse as a cultural arts center.

Toyzini's Last Moments of Hickman

Toyzini’s Last Moments of Hickman

On Saturday, day 2 of the Arts & Ag Tour, you are invited to meet local Outsider artist, The Great Toyzini, who will be on site with an exhibit of his recent works and to demonstrate his painting techniques. Toyzini, recently completed an original, acrylic-on-canvas measuring 113 by 53.5 inches which depicts the Defeated Creek skirmish that killed Edwin Hickman. This painting was hung in the west corridor of the Old Courthouse in Centerville on February 15, 2014. Brad Martin, editor of the Hickman County Times and Chair of Historic Downtown Centerville, explained in a news article that the painting shows Hickman, on the ground after he was shot, being held by James Robertson. Robert Weakley is confronting the Native Americans with his rifle; it was Weakley who successfully proposed that this county be named for the surveyor who was killed on that April day in 1791. According to Martin, Toyzini said the tragic portrait was encouraged by similar work of the great American artist Thomas Hart Benton, whom he studied while in college and that his intent is to support the continuing work to re-establish the Old Courthouse into a cultural arts center.

Also on Saturday, there will be an exhibit of antique farm implements on the Old Courthouse Lawn and live old-time country music by Ronnie Howell & Friends.

Preview Arts & Ag Tour Stop #1

Stop # 1, Wild Duck Soup Emporium, welcomes you to the Third Annual Arts & Ag Tour.

Grab a hard copy, printed version, of the 2014 Tour Guide here and meet Arts & Ag co-founder Antonia Meadors. Meadors opened Wild Duck Soup Emporium, the unofficial headquarters of Arts & Ag, in 2011. Since then her venue has grown to be the premiere art gallery in the county as well as a haven for those seeking natural foods, local honey, herbal supplements and other healthful items.

As the unofficial headquarters of Arts & Ag, Wild Duck Soup Emporium is THE place to get the inside scoop on everything related to the Tour and to participate in our Tour Guide activities:

  • If you take a photo of your favorite stop on the Tour and post it on our facebook page, you can get a free I Love Back Roads bumper sticker from the counter at Wild Duck Soup Emporium.
  • If you guess which number belongs in the blank star on the Tour Map, head to that stop and get them to sign your Tour Guide, you can get a free Arts & Ag gift from Wild Duck Soup Emporium!
Left: Antonia Meadors, Owner Wild Duck Soup  Right: Cindy Sarlo, Arts & Ag Photographer

Left: Antonia Meadors, Owner Wild Duck Soup
Right: Cindy Sarlo, Arts & Ag Photographer

Several artists and exhibits will be on site at Stop #1. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Cindy Sarlo, the Official Photographer for Arts & Ag, and to view her recent works, including photographs from last year’s Tour. You’ll hear live music from local fiddlist, Mark Baczynski and singer-songwriter Gloria McCord. Tour the patio garden and view works by sculptor, Daniel Sheridan and folk artist, Jo Neace Krause.

Meadors, a native of Hickman County, is a wealth of information regarding local foods and the people who grow them. She is plugged into the extensive network of artists, craftsmen and musicians who call Hickman County home and proudly offers many of their one-of-a-kind pieces for sale at Wild Duck Soup Emporium. Her enthusiasm for all things local and her positive, encouraging attitude makes Wild Duck Soup Emporium an exciting hub of local activity with a friendly, inviting atmosphere. Come see for yourself during the Arts & Ag Tour this Memorial Day Weekend!

2014 Arts & Ag Tour Guide Release

With just one month to go, the countdown to the Arts & Ag Tour has officially begun. To kick off the countdown, we’re releasing the online version of the 2014 Arts & Ag Tour Guide today! The hard copy, printed version of the Tour Guide will be available for free to folks taking the tour. Look for them soon at Wild Duck Soup Emporium or email us at artsandagtour@gmail.com for more information. This multi-paged booklet contains everything you need to know about taking the Arts & Ag Tour including descriptions of each stop, touring tips, a schedule of music and demonstrations, the tour map and much more. Stay tuned here for more posts highlighting various points of interest on the Tour as we journey to our opening day, Friday May 23rd. Click the image below to link to the Tour Guide.

1 Map Book Cover