Heritage Reclaimed Farm: Stop # 14 on the Arts and Ag Tour of Hickman County

Cows grazing at Heritage Reclaimed Farm

Cows grazing at Heritage Reclaimed Farm

Heritage Reclaimed Farm will be a part of the Hickman County Arts and Ag Tour for the third time this year.  Established in 2012, Heritage Reclaimed Farm has all Middle Tennessee has to offer; rolling hills, open pastures, ponds, creeks and  springs. The Charles and Shona Shough family moved to middle Tennessee for the purpose of being part of a community of faith, establish better food systems, and to help serve their neighbors. Along with their two sons, Isaac and Valor, they are working hard to reclaim the land and the heritage of their homestead.

In their commitment to better health, and good stewards of the Land, they raise and sell Grass-fed Beef & Sheep, Organic Pastured pigs, and organic pastured chickens.

On Saturday of the Hickman County Arts and Ag Tour, they will be featuring a French Market and preparing their signature Organic Pork Stack Fry Bread Plate with slaw and French Beignets topped with Organic Jam.  You can purchase Organic, rustic, artisan bread, organic raw milk grass-fed cheese from an Artisan Cheese maker and purchase their meats directly raised on the farm. When visiting the farm, you will enjoy the scenic beauties of Middle Tennessee, and speak to one of their farm-hands and discuss grass-fed rotational cattle, chicken grazing and low infrastructure farm endeavours.

You can take a self-guided tour of the farm, or we can take you on a hay ride. You will be able to see and meet the animals that are a part of their everyday life. This day is sure to be memorable, and they invite all to come and take a stroll around the farm, and garden and enjoy the beauty of special homestead.



New Eden Farm Stop #16: Pastured Prok, Chicken and Goat Dairy-by Elise New

Over the hills, through the trees, and at the end of a bumpy dirt road, you’ll find New Eden Farm. When the road opens up into pasture, you know you’re getting close, and when the road ends, well, you’re there. 

At New Eden Farm, you’ll find a small herd of grass fed cattle, pastured pigs, diary goats, and an up-and-coming flock of meat bred chickens.

You won’t want to miss this stop on the Arts and Ag Tour! 

Pastured Pork

We will have a freezer full of the highest quality pastured pork you can imagine. I’m particularly proud of this one, having been one of the ones who lugged the daily bucket of whey-soaked non-GMO grain out to the heritage breed pigs. When we first started keeping pigs in the same pasture as the cattle, we weren’t entirely sure how we would keep the cows from eating the pig’s grain, but the aggressive nature of the pig makes it a non issue. That pig isn’t going to leave any room for a cow to stick her head in the trough!

Goat Cheese

Goats are definitely another favorite thing of mine. Whereas Gabriel, my husband and founder of New Eden Farm, is a cattle lover all the way, I like to spend my time with the goats. 

You’ll definitely want to sample our herb infused goat cheese while you’re here! There is just nothing like it.

The mild flavored, finely textured cheese is only one reason I love goats so much.

Goat  Milk Soap

Goat milk soap is unparalleled in the world of soaps for its skin softening power. From the first day we used it, we knew that there was no going back to conventional bars! Add in some amazing smelling essential oil blends, and a few beautiful botanicals, and you have something really special. 

Making soap has become one of my greatest pleasures here on the farm, and we will have eight different varieties here for you to see and smell, including an insect repellent bar.

Goat milking Demonstrations

I could go on all day about the benefits of having your own dairy goat, and why they’re a better choice for small families – especially those of us with small children – than a cow, but my space here is limited, so be sure to come for one of our 10:00 A.M., or 2:00 P.M. milking demonstrations, for an earful, and be sure to bring your questions with you!

Patured Chicken

We are so blessed to have the Lemmon family for neighbors. There couldn’t be a kinder, sweeter, more giving family on the planet. 

The Lemmons have been raising pastured poultry for their own family’s use for some time, and now, their nutritious chicken is available to the public. We’re thrilled to be able to host them for this year’s Arts and Ag Tour, and will have a freezer full of these delicious birds packaged and ready for you. (So bring your coolers!)

Homemade Bread

There is just nothing better than homemade bread, is there? I’m so happy this year to be able to offer our Amish style homemade bread, in both white, and whole wheat varieties, as well as cinnamon rolls. 

Our bread contains only five ingredients – all of them easily pronounceable. In fact, you probably have all of them in your pantry already (flour, salt, yeast, oil, and a smidgen of sugar). There are NO preservatives, and NO chemicals in homemade bread, and you won’t find anything this soft and fresh in a store! Be sure to try it while you’re here. 

Blacksmithing Demonstrations

On Saturday, Dustin Morgan will be giving blacksmiths demonstrations. I’m rather looking forward to this. There’s something about a forge and an anvil that just take me back to the Wild West. Old school blacksmithing is not something we have he opportunity to see every day, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

Homemade Jams 

In addition to all these things, we will have a selection of delicious homemade jams and jellies available. I’m in love with our grape jam. Made from locally sourced Concord grapes, it packs a punch of flavor that frankly, I’ve never tasted in a jar of any commercial brand. I never thought I’d say that grape jam is my favorite, but I must admit, it’s very close to knocking apricot out of the top spot! 

Are you drooling yet? I am! 

See you this weekend!

Elise is the home and dairy manager at New Eden Farm, and author of frugalfarmwife.com where she blogs about simple living, farming, and shares gluten-free recipes.

Biodynamic Farming, Cooking Demos, Music and Good Wool Etc. at Stop #25

View More: http://muro./XXBsH128842Pinewood Farms has always functioned as an organic farm. This year, with guidance from Jeff Poppen, better known as the Barefoot Farmer, they will take their farming methods ‘beyond organic’. The art of biodynamic farming strives to create a diversified but balanced farm ecosystem that treats soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks and strives to generate health and fertility from within the farm.

Pinewood Farms is committed to the biodynamic production of Earth’s bounty and wants to share this bounty with the community. They offer their products through CSA (community supported agriculture). This type of economic model and food distribution assumes a shared risk between farmer and consumer. This notion of shared risk, asks that members pay up front for the whole season and the farmer provides a variety of in season produce each week.

For Arts and Ag this year look for Nicole Tracy, Darcy Riddell Hancock, Wes Morgan and Good Wool Etc. Nicole will be doing cooking demonstrations at 10am, 2pm and 4pm on both Friday and Saturday. There will be samples of Coconut Sweet Potato soup with lentils and Gluten Free Sweet Potato pie available. Darcy with “Canning Made Simple!” will show you how to put up your fresh vegetables with recipes and easy to follow, step-by-step canning instructions. Enjoy our Q&A sessions from 10am-3pm and see the canner in action from 1-2pm! Wes Morgan singer/songwriter will be playing southern roots country at Pinewood Farms from 11-1pm on Saturday, May 24. Wes is Hickman county born and raised and is guaranteed to entertain. Good Wool Etc. is a farm-based business run by Mark and Ashley Whitaker of Whit’s End Farm in Thompson Station, TN. They raise a small flock of Jacob sheep from which Ashley makes handmade wool goods. Mark is a photographer, woodworker, jewelry maker, antique restorer and the web manager for the business. Their wares are for sale at http://www.goodwooletc.etsy.com and will be at the farm all day Friday and Saturday.

Arts & Ag Tour Preview Stop #10

Sweetcreek is a little different from most of the other stops, as it is not a commercial farm. They don’t “do” anything here. But they DO live the good life in rural Tennessee. Edna, the farm-wife, grows a lot of their own food, and is passionate about that. If you are interested in home gardening, there will be short tours of the garden with lots of information about growing fruits and vegetables. She also grows flowers and herbs, and will have several easy-care perennials for sale. Edna would love to share her years of experience as a Master Gardener and her passion for home gardening with you. Stop by to see Sweetcreek Farm and enjoy local music by an acapela trio, local artists, and experience the good life this Memorial Day weekend.

Vicki Imoberstag demonstrating pottery techniques

Vicki Imoberstag demonstrating pottery techniques

Sweetcreek Farm is hosting several local artists and artisans. Vicki ImOberstag, potter extraordinaire and great neighbor, will be throwing pots Friday and Saturday at 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 2:00 PM down at the barn. Enjoy the demonstrations and take home an original piece of pottery! The Barefoot Farm Girl will return this year with her honey products and hand-made items. Buffalo River Artist’s Co-Operative will also be offering a variety of hand-made items, including weaving and jewelry. Demonstrations will be held throughout the day.

New this year is David Anderson, local retired Wildlife Management officer, who will be taking visitors on a short Wild Walk. Visitors to the farm can experience one of the most loved things about living in Hickman County – the wonderful natural beauty. Walks will start from the barn at 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM, and 2:30 PM. This will be a short walk (about 15-20 minutes), but a steep one. Bring a stout walking stick (or pick one up at the barn), and wear hiking boots or tennis shoes. Tick spray will be a good idea, too.

Sweetcreek Farm enjoys another of the great things about Hickman County – pure, cold, fresh-from-the-ground spring water. All of the farm’s water comes from the spring on the back of the property and is piped to a holding tank by the barn. This is the spring that gave the farm its name, and its been said that its the best water in the county! Enjoy all you can drink while you’re here, and bring containers to take some with you. If you have a picnic lunch and a blanket, please feel free to find a spot to enjoy your meal while you’re here – but you might have to share with the dog.

2013 Harvest Market was a Topnotch Affair!

The view from the front porch of Grinder’s Switch Winery at last Saturday’s Harvest Market was just what we hoped it would be. Folks of all ages, from near and far, strolled in small clusters down the gravel drive lined on both sides with cars, bumper to bumper. Autumn was in the air and the pale grey sky, which caused a bit of anxiety when it rained, but provided the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous pallet of multicolored leaves on the overhanging branches and surrounding shrubbery. Nestled among the natural features of our county’s award winning winery was a joyful patchwork of festively decorated booths representing the talents of our local artisan and farming community.

Haverst Market Image for blog

Trish Lingo of Beaverdam Creek Farm greeting two young customers

The quality, craftsmanship, variety, creativity and bounty of handcrafted, homegrown items on display at the Harvest Market was topnotch, and not just, “for around here,” either. In fact, that’s a phrase Arts & Ag is on a mission to see eliminated from the thinking and speech of our county’s citizenry! This region, which has long been a haven for farmers, artists and musicians, is on the cutting edge of the sustainable farming movement and has simultaneously created a niche for other cottage industries and crafts such as soap making, quilting, blacksmithing, pottery, woodworking and many others that were on display at the Harvest Market and that often go hand in hand with agriculture. ALL of this (the arts, crafts and abundance of small, sustainable farms) is fast becoming a source of pride for our locals and we at Arts & Ag couldn’t be happier about it!

Gabe for blog image

Gabriel New of New Eden Farms selling his famous homemade pickles.

A gigantic THANK YOU to everyone involved with the Harvest Market, including the fine folks at Grinder’s Switch Winery for being such gracious hosts and for supporting our marketing efforts. Over 800 people (according to our closest estimate) came out to shop, to enjoy the tasting room, have a bite to eat and listen to some fantastic local, live music– while spending in the ballpark of $15,000. We couldn’t have been as successful without our dedicated, thoughtful, enthusiastic volunteers!  We are deeply grateful to our Bakery Team for keeping the coffee flowing and selling all the home baked goodies that were donated to the Arts & Ag Bakery. Thanks to you and all who contributed baked items (and those who purchased them), we were able to generate funds to jump start our PR budget for the 2014 Arts & Ag Tour. Our thanks also goes out to our amazing Street Team, all who helped us spread the word about the Harvest Market, emailed their contacts, passed out rack cards and hung posters. We also want to thank our fabulous Loading and Layout Team who staked out booth spaces Friday night and helped load and haul items throughout the Market. Thanks to all the musicians that entertained at the Harvest Market: Gloria McCord, Billie Joe Sawyer, and Mark Meadors with Martin, Trei and Miranda Louise, and many thanks to County Mayor Steve Gregory for doing a very fine job DJing and MCing!

We look forward to many more events like this year’s Harvest Market.

Sincerely the Arts & Ag Trio,

Antonia, Nicole and Vanessa

COUPONS are HERE! Great savings for this Saturday only during the Harvest Market!

TWO pages of coupons from some of our vendors that will be at this Saturday’s Arts & Ag Harvest Market. PRINT these pages and bring with you this Saturday, the 19th for some great deals! Scroll down the home page for previous posts about details regarding the event.



The Harvest Market is THIS Saturday, Oct. 19th!

logoONLINE_HM2013-01Arts & Ag Harvest Market 2013 October 19th, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Featuring artisan crafts, locally farmed produce, grass-fed beef, live music with our County Mayor Steve Gregory as emcee, delicious BBQ, smoked sausages, and chili, award-winning wines, and goats to pet, too…all on a beautiful autumn day —what could be more fun?!

This family-friendly event will be fun for all! Stock up on fresh, local, naturally-grown veggies, even get a head start on some of your holiday shopping for truly one-of-a-kind gifts you will not find at any mall or chain store. Sit down and relax a spell to listen to local talent entertain the crowd with some Americana music.

parkwhereyoucanLots of parking available along the long drive to the Winery itself, as well as along Gail Lane (the road right before you get to the Winery’s entrance) — look for signage!

How do you get from there to here? It’s easy to find! DIRECTIONS: 

From I-40: Take Exit 148 and turn East toward Centerville on Hwy 50 West. Go 12 miles and turn left onto Hwy 50 West Loop.Go 1 mile to the WINERY sign and turn right into the driveway.

From Centerville: Take Hwy 50 West 4 miles to Hwy 50 West Loop.Turn right and go .9 miles to the WINERY sign. Turn left into the driveway.

From the Centerville Airport (GHM): Fly in to our local airport and ask Woody for the Courtesy Car and for directions to the winery! We are only 15 minutes away!


The Winery’s watch dog, Vinnie, asks you please do NOT bring your dog(s) to this event. He loves people and children visiting the Winery, but is not  keen on other dogs and animals coming to visit (this is part of his job — to keep other animals away from the grapes!)

And, out of courtesy to the Winery, please no outside alcohol. Although, you are welcome to enjoy some of Grinder’s Switch Winery’s vintages while you visit!

One last thing to keep in mind, please bring cash to shop, as many vendors are not able to process credit cards (although some can).

Be sure to grab something sweet to nibble, maybe with a hot cup of coffee, from the Harvest Market Bakery under the gazebo. All proceeds go to the expenses of the 2014 Arts & Ag Tour, held annually during the Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day. Oh, and definitely stop by booth #30 to pet the goats before you leave! Pam and her goats would love to see you!

It’s time to celebrate AUTUMN and its bountiful harvest! Our list of vendors can be found on the home page (scroll down to see map and vendor list). We are looking forward to seeing you THIS SATURDAY!